Collected material… Thanks!!

The Philippines preparation, (our SPOT project) has gone better than planed, as we have more materiel to send than we will be able to bring ourselves, even with the 2 extra luggage : 4 crash pads, 250 bolts, 20 belays, 2 drills, 20 pairs of climbing shoes, 15 harnesses, loads of chalk bags, ropes…

And we have succeeded to collect over 1500 E, that we will be able to use to buy and send more crash pads, bolts…
Not that much, but still, more than we had dared hope for our first action with SPOT.

We have to thank everyone already, we are always quite impressed when we see people ready to send their climbing shoes, which mean cleaning them, packing them, paying the postal fees…. to give a hand to climbers from other countries via our new SPOT project. We have one thing to say: some little gestures are simply classy.

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