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Some testimonies about SPOT Project, by Filipino climbers:


It’s a blessing. It’s cool.
It’s an opportunity for a bigger playground.
Get the beginners to like climbing who have no clue about rock-climbing.
It is a good way to boost climbing in the country and to show case local crags around the archipelago and we might be able to discover so much more with the help of SPOT.
Astig! Because you are reaching to climbers who cant afford to buy their own equipment. And it also helps to make the climbing community grow.
I think it worked well here, especially there is a need for it, well personally I think its an awesome project. Definitely something will boost the local climbing scene.
Step towards the next level!


I think it’s a perfect venue for local climbers to learn from veterans and experienced climbers! And on the other hand, for these foreign climbers to experience Philippine climbing and culture.


SPOT (Share, Progress, Open, Teach) is an act of togetherness. The project really embrace and represents the core values of climbing that I’ve been observing for the past two years of my climbing adventure.


It’s good awareness for the Philippine climbing community. It would be good exposure to the international community but we also need to educate the local community about it.


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