The Process


The first stage of the S.P.O.T process is to identify where there is a need.  We want to help out whenever and wherever, but we’re very aware we can’t do it all.  For now, S.P.O.T projects will be linked to the expeditions of Once Upon A Climb, aiming to help develop the climbing areas and communities of the places they visit.  However this is not to say that things can not, and will not be different in the future.  If you have an idea of how S.P.O.T might be able, we’d love to hear from you.


Once we know where we are going to help, we can figure out exactly what sort of help is needed, and start to collect the equipment.  Each place is different, and needs to be approached on an individual basis.  There is little point giving a load of bolts to a bouldering community, or a stack of crash pads to a group of sport climbers.  We try to connect with a key representative from each area, as they will have the best idea of what is really needed, and how it could be distributed.


In addition to donating equipment, we try to help out as best we can with the development of the local areas and the community.  Bolting and climbing new routes needs little explanation, but we also try to educate the local climbers in matters of technique, training, rope work… etc…etc.  It’s so much easier to follow than to pioneer, and sharing just a few tips and tricks can make a huge difference to the speed of development.
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