S.P.O.T South Africa

We first visited Rocklands in 2014, its quite literally a land of rock, with perfect boulders and routes as far as the eye can see!  Climbers come from all around the world to climb in this amazing place, yet there are actually very few local climbers from the area itself.

Apart from being a climbing heaven, Rocklands, or to be more precise the northern is principally a farming area.  The farms are perhaps less productive than they once were, but there is still a large population of farm workers, and their children who go to one of a few small local schools.  A few years ago, some visiting climbers started to work with one of these schools, taking a few kids out climbing once every couple of weeks.  This has grown into a regular activity, and now, during the climbing season, a large group of local children are discovering climbing, and all the great life skills that go with it, at least once per week.

S.P.O.T. will return to South Africa in 2015 to work with the climbing school and help coaching the kids.  We’ll also provide them with several new crash pads thanks to Wild Country, as well as climbing shoes, from Urban Uprising  and the kind donations of people around the world!

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