The S.P.O.T. project…

… was born out of desire to help out our friend, this other climber from a less fortunate place than us.

… is about helping each other, it’s about spotting your friend.


We will SHARE with them our climbing experiences as well as climbing material.


We want to PROGRESS together, learning from each other, climbing higher and harder.


We are OPEN to them, and will OPEN new routes for them, to drive forward the level of the community and give them challenges for which to aspire.


We will TEACH them how to bolt hard routes, how to train and climb on different terrain.


Do you want to S.P.O.T. a climber?


Caroline Ciavaldini and James Pearson are the originators of the S.P.O.T. project: “Any climber is someone we can relate to, speaking or signing if we have no common language. Whether he/she comes from Spain, France, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, America, he still has a lot in common with us: dreams of new routes to discover, motivation to improve, and love for the rock and the nature. And where he stands now, it could have been just us… Except from the reality of the country’s economy. In Europe, a pair of climbing shoes, a rope, is for sure a serious expense, but definitely not worth a month ‘salary… in Philippines, Africa…, sometimes it is.”

What do we do?

The first step of the S.P.O.T. project took place in the Philippines. The second one will be in South Africa.

We hope to take S.P.O.T. with us, whenever we travel, wherever it is needed…

Click on the images below to know more about each S.P.O.T. project.



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      S.P.O.T. Philippines – Short video

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